Hear Russia’s point of view on recent Trump-Putin summit at REAL.video

It’s no secret how Americans feel about President Donald Trump and his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin– polarized division perhaps being the best descriptor for the current state of social politics in the United States. But what do the Russian people think about everything that’s going on?

During a recent episode of “Crowdsource the Truth,” available at REAL.video, John Mark Dougan, also known as “Bad Volf,” reveals his perspective on how everyday Russians view their leader, as well as his recent interactions with America’s president.

A former deputy within the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office, Dougan is currently living in exile in Russia – and hasn’t seen his children in more than two years – after exposing extreme corruption within his former department.

In a documentary put together by RT, Dougan exposes rampant prostitution, police brutality against minorities, and many other criminal acts that are still taking place down in Florida. That documentary, entitled “Breaking Bad Wolf: One Crazy Journey from Palm Beach Cop to Russian Exile,” is available for viewing on YouTube.

The safest place for Dougan after becoming a whistleblower was apparently in the former Soviet Union, where he’s been able to take a pulse on what the Russian people feel about politics, both within their own country and here in the U.S. And what he reveals may come as a shock to many who are still in the U.S.S.R. mindset.

“Usually people are very polar when it comes to him,” Dougan says about Putin. “You don’t generally find a lot of people in the middle. You either find people mostly on the very good, but occasionally they don’t like him, and some people really don’t like him. But generally speaking, he’s very well-liked here.”

Dougan himself seems to hold similar viewpoints, also convinced that President Trump is doing a good thing by trying to establish positive relations with President Putin.

“I don’t see how it could be bad to get along with Russia,” Dougan says. “To become allies again with one of the most powerful countries in the world. If we got together, the two countries, then there’s really no problem that couldn’t be tackled.”

Putin would make a good prime minister, but isn’t the best president

What many people don’t realize is that there are two “heads” of Russia, so to speak: the president, which is Putin’s current position, and the prime minister, which is his former position. One Russian man who was interviewed by “Crowdsource the Truth” explained how he believes Putin was much more effective as prime minister than he currently is as president.

“If the prime minister of the Russian Federation would be the elected position, I would vote for Vladimir Putin as the prime minister,” the man states.

“I remember the period he was the prime minister in between his two presidential times, and I can tell you that he is a good specialist. He can withhold corruption. He knows how the country and the government works. I would vote for him as the prime minister. As the president, I see a lot of tension with foreign countries.”

This man’s opinion is his own, of course, and many others have different views. Most Russians, according to Dougan, seem to be happy with Putin as their president. And at the end of the day, they want all of the same things that Trump supporters here in the U.S. want.

“They’re not much different from Americans in that respect,” Dougan says about Russians simply wanting to raise their families in peace under a strong leader like President Trump. “What you have to remember is that North Korea is on their doorstep. They border North Korea. So if anybody wants to see a reduction in nuclear weapons, it’s them.”

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